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Share your good news...

With a bonus story of how dumb I am!

Guys, I have a 15 year old cat, Atticus Baddicus Catticus. Here's a picture of him, sleeping on top of his head as he does:

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He's an oldie but a goodie—my good buddy who's seen me through 4 colleges and 12 moves across 3 states.

At his age, I'm hyperattentive to his health, happiness, and well-being. The major concern recently has been a pretty dramatic weight loss. He has a good appetite; he still eats, sleeps, plays, cuddles, and purrs. But he's getting skinnier and skinnier.


So we took him to the vet today and the vet listed a number of issues he might be facing, none of them good—at the worst, he thought it might be the early stages of kidney failure. Yeah, I totally cried in the vet's office today.

Anyway, he ran some labs and came back with what we think is good news: The little dude does not have kidney failure and it's likely he's reacting to a steroid he's been taking for a long time. Chances are he'll be back to normal in a few weeks if we keep feeding him a diet he loves (all wet food, all the time—he's in heaven!).


The vet did say there's an off chance (fairly unlikely) that we might also be dealing with "the c-word." My mind went totally nuts—in my head, all I could think was, Dealing with a cunt?! It's not professional to talk about cunts! And he's a boy—he doesn't even have a cunt!

The vet, seeing the storm of confusion on my face, slowly said, "Cancer?"

Ah, ok, that made a lot more sense.

Anyway, I needed that laughter after being so worried and the news was about as good as we could hope. As long as he gains over the next few weeks, it sounds like we can rule out "the c-word." Fingers crossed!


Anyway, what's your good news? What's going well in your lives of late?

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