Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The Monarch and I are searching for homes again. Not that we own our current home, but that this is the third time we’ve thought it might be time to buy. Let this be an indicator of how intimidated we are by this process.

We’re both in our early thirties, have fine-but-not-great credit, and are whatever middle class is, I guess. We’re privileged and fortunate, but DAMN houses where we live are expensive (lots of listings ending in ‘m’ instead of ‘k’, if you know what I mean). All our friends are good at this, we are not.


I’d love to hear some honest stories of house-buying (or just attempted buying) from people I’m not hate watching on HGTV. Please, tell me what you did, what worked, what went wrong... Did you get a first-time buyer loan? Do they even give those out anymore? How did the down payment work? Did you .... haggle? Is that actually allowed?! Are all realtors actually pod people?

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