We already discussed poop, so now let's share some stories about urine.

I spent this weekend at my younger sister's apartment, which she shares with her college BFF. On Sunday night, her BFF came home super wasted and then went to bed. About an hour or so later, she came out of her room and sat down at the kitchen table...and peed. My sister freaked out and kept saying "NO, [BFF's name] THAT'S NOT THE BATHROOM" and drunk BFF kept reassuring "No, don't worry. It's cool. It's coooooool." and then just went back to bed when she was done. I have heard many stories of sleep-peeing/ drunk sleep-peeing, but I have never witnessed it.

I was also impressed that my sister immediately cleaned it up. I obviously wouldn't want pee all over my kitchen floor, but I don't think I would clean it up, even if Mr. Peachy did it. But I'm all squalor-y I guess.