Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I thought it might be fun on this lovely Monday to share our various wallpapers, the reasons we chose them and where we might have gotten them.

This is my current phone wallpaper:

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I found it on an app for free wallpapers called HD wallpaper. I wanted roses but when I saw the purple hydrangea (favorite flower in my favorite color!) I was sold.

The phone changed all the incidental colors to purple as well when I changed the wallpaper which honestly, so awesome. My phone is purple on purple and I love it.


ETA: Oh my god, that picture is HUGE. Why phone, why???

What is your phone/desktop wallpaper and why did you choose it?

Important: Please remember to remove all identifying information from the desktop/phone before screencapping to avoid doxxing.

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