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Share your prom pictures!

I know McUncool just did a "show us your fancy things" thread yesterday, but thanks to BlueJeans I've been wanting to see some very specific fanciness. So show me your prom pictures! I will also accept pictures from homecoming, winter formal, or whatever it is folks do in other countries. If you went more than once, feel free to share all the pictures or just your favorites. (Or your least favorites—I'm sure some of you had fashion disasters going on. And there ain't no fashion disaster like a prom fashion disaster, 'cause a prom fashion disaster has sparkles.) Feel free to cover up your date's head with a circle/a scribble/a picture of a Tom Hiddleston's face.

ETA: Lest you think I'm only talking to the ladyfolk (/lady-presenting folk), I also want to see our Jezebeaus looking snappy. Show us those tuxes! Especially if you happen to have been my high school bf's mom's prom date, because I never did get to see pictures of that powder blue tux.


I'll post mine in the comments, but enjoy these sparkly rainbow ones BlueJeans found on the interwebs.

(And yes, I know we'll probably also have one of these in the spring when it's prom season. DON'T CARE, WANT SPARKLES NOW.)

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