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Tomorrow’s the day. I’m putting in my notice. I know you are all waiting in suspense since I have dragged this out into a dramatic saga for 7 months or so. I’m putting in a month’s notice because I have a commitment for a conference at the end of July, and the weeks leading up to it are filled with chaos so two weeks really wouldn’t cut it for them. Also, it would give them time to rearrange things if they decided not to send me to our conference.

This morning, we had our weekly staff meeting, and I had like one moment of starting to get sentimental and then some of the same old bullshit started up and I boiled up to a rage and sustained it through...right now. Like, 9 hours later.

I’m not going to air a bunch of grievances (although my two coworkers who know are dying for me to). I mean, I can’t burn the bridges at a job I worked at most of my adult life, and certainly not to my bosses who know everyone in the surrounding area. I’m going to focus on my personal reasons that are all also true - monster commute is ruining my life, never see my husband, want to re-route my career, etc. So not much on their toxic fucking work environment, their short-sighted decision making where they balance their budget on the backs of all their loyal employees, among other things. But I do think, if they ask for my opinions or anything, I’m going to mention that morale is low, at least.


Anyway, inspire me!

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