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Share your random food finds!

These were an impulse buy at the store, because I love English muffins so hard already, and I am here to tell you, these are AWESOME.

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I feel like they seem like they might be kind of gross, but they are gross in the most delicious way possible. They smell divine and have little pieces of dried apple in them, and are a little softer/more doughy than a regular English muffin.

But in case you don't believe me, please believe this gentleman, who did a 4 minute serious food review on them. I am now an admirer of his work and his dedication to food - for instance, he refused to even put butter or toppings on it so he could really judge the taste of the product in a pure level.


What randomly delicious food things have you found lately, GT? NO JUDGEMENT HERE.

And could these english muffins be the first breakfast food we can all agree on!?

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