My team at work is talking about Strengthsfinder at our meeting this week, and I thought other people might be interested and/or might find it a good way to kill time. It's based on a Gallup's StrengthsQuest, but the Strengthsfinder version is free and my supervisor says her results are pretty much the same on both versions.

I think the full quiz is supposed to take about 20-30 minutes; you're supposed to go with your gut instead of thinking about each question, which makes it faster. If you want a more detailed description of each strength once you get your results, you can find it here. Reading through that, I was surprised by how many of my top five fit me really well.

Anyway, if you're bored/curious, take the test and share your top five with us!

My top five:

1. Fairness (aka Consistency)
2. Significance
3. Harmony
4. Intellection
5. Communication

The only one that's a little bit off is Harmony, because while I like finding ways to compromise and dislike unnecessary arguing/conflict, I also have strong opinions and am not afraid to share them in appropriate situations.

My bottom one (by several points) was "Woo". This comes as exactly no surprise to me.