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Share Your Travel Nightmares

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My recent Italian adventure was fantastic - once I got there. The site-seeing, the private tours, the food, the wine, the hotel were all wonderful. (My hotel was gorgeous and the service! Free breakfast! Free drinks! Free turn down service with chocolates! Free WiFi that actually worked!) 


The getting there and back was the most horrendous travel fiasco I’ve encountered. I will say now, I will NEVER. EVER. fly American Airlines again. They messed up at every turn - cancelled flight, refusal to let me on one of my subsequent flights, unauthorized rebooking of flights, cancellation of ANOTHER flight (just for me, not the whole flight), not getting the seat I paid extra for.... AND really SHITTY customer “service.”

I ended up having to pay out of pocket nearly $800 for two additional flights to make up for their errors. They refuse to take any responsibility, and told me “there is nothing we can do” since I rebooked through other airlines. (Which I did because THEY. WOULDN’T. HELP. ME.) The travel site I booked through has now filed a claim with them on my behalf, and I have filed a claim through my travel insurance. I am not holding out much hope on either front. I have now spent over 7 hours (collectively) on hold trying to sort things out. I’ve spent hours gathering all the documentation and submitting it.


American’s only response to date is, “We are sorry you were disappointed.” Bitch, give me my money!

Any horror stories you would like to share to commiserate?

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