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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Share your week of successes and struggles

So, I had a major success on a very minor front this week! I got my hairs cut on Wednesday. Usually my hair looks 3000 times better after being professionally styled - but this time, it looked almost exactly the same as it usually does. Usually the day after, when I see friends or colleagues, they exclaim over how great my hair looks. That did not happen this time. I feel like I may have finally conquered my hair and figured out how to make it look halfway decent.* Given that I have super thick, coarse, frizzy, cowlicky hair, that I have struggled with most of my life, this feels like a major accomplishment.

My struggle this week is this damned article I wrote about earlier this week (I sent it to first author, and got kind of harsh feedback on the parts I had added to it). I tried to tackle the revisions yesterday, and just spiraled into a very bad place (sobbing, wanting to quit)- I felt incompetent and too stupid to be able to do what the first author wanted. I emailed my mentor for some suggestions on how to make the argument the first author wanted me to make, and she hasn’t written back yet. Unfortunately, I have to get it done today. The manuscript is due back to everything at the end of today (I already got an extension, and I need to get it done so I can move onto other things). If I can keep myself from spiraling into despair and just focus on the task, I hope I can pull something together.


Anyway, on this dreary (at least here) Sunday, share with me your successes and struggles this week.

*Either that, or my hair looked really bad after my hair cut!

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