Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Share your weird dreams

Last night I had a very realistic dream that I was back in college. I showed up for Latin class a few minutes early and while I was chatting with my friend she took out her homework. Homework? Nobody said we had homework! My friend looked at me and was like "Friday, you are screwed. Way to go, champ." Then the professor showed up and everyone shamed me for not having my homework finished. But the dream kept going through class as I tried to translate these sentences that switched from Latin to German to French. Looking back I guess that's not really such a weird dream, except that I never have dreams like this, and it was so real that I woke up still upset about it. I'll take it over the classic one where my teeth fall out, I guess.

How about you, have any weird dreams/nightmares lately?


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