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Shared from The Daily Beast (tw school shootings) - updated

This is haunting. The part about one Columbine survivor eventually becoming a teacher in Aurora, before the theatre shooting there, I just... I don’t even know how wrap my head around the state of things.

But... I do wonder if there’s a shred of hope brewing. Within my liberal bubble, the stories of teachers training to shield their students with their bodies and lives and the stories of drills where a classroom of kids is taught to counterattack a shooter (with no hope of saving themselves, but instead buying time for the next classroom to evacuate) are going viral. With social media being as huge as it is, it feels like the old explanatory narrative (video games, trenchcoat mafia, lack of religion) has fallen apart. And in the wake of this latest atrocity, social media has also finally allowed survivors to get real platforms and have agency rather than just being objectified victims. They’re making loud and clear calls for change in a way that hasn’t been heard before while the old “thoughts and prayers, now is not the time” lid was kept on. It feels like this time, the aftermath isn’t playing out as the NRA/Rethuglicans/ammosexuals have always arranged.

Is this - finally, at long last, hundreds of massacres late - is this finally when there could be some stirring of effective resistance?


Edited to add this story. I might add more.

Further add: a shining example of students fighting back. I swear, between these kids and the likes of the elite gymnasts taking the fight to congress, I think maybe Generation Z is going to be the ones who finally kick some ass.


And one more add: from a teacher.


^checking to see whether that one shows up?

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