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Sharing a bed with mom

For over a year has ultimately made me never want to share a bed with anyone ever. Fucking. Again.

I feel like most of you know the story. Grandpa passed away right after Hurricane Sandy, grandma came to live with us in our 2 bedroom apartment, mom originally gave grandma her room and mom stayed on the couch. I gave mom my bed and took the couch, but my bad shoulder was like "lolnope" so I said fuck it and ended up just sharing my (thankfully large) bed with mom.

But good fucking god this makes me never want to share a bed with anyone ever. I generally dislike sleeping next to people as it is, but prior to this adventure I could tolerate it from time to time and even sometimes liked it. But now? NO. When we finally move and I get my room back (NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS YAAAASSSSS) I'm not going to let anyone stay in my bed nor am I sleeping in anyone else's bed for like a year.


I don't know how you people who live with your SOs do it. I'd kill the person if I had to do this for forever. I feel like if I ever get married, it's gonna be like a 50s sitcom and we're going to have to have separate beds.

The cats can stay in my bed though. Cuz they're fluffy.

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