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Sharing-a-room-at-a-conference etiquette

So, I have a friend who travels a TON for work (large international campaigning non-profit) and has mentioned having to travel on a small budget including being asked to share hotel rooms with colleagues and feeling like she can’t say no. Like many of you, I thought “yikes!” and never considered that I could be in the same situation. Well, now I am and I need some etiquette advice.

To walk back the “yikes!” factor a little: In two weeks, I head to a major conference in my field that I’m super psyched to attend. My office sends two people of my seniority level every year, and I successfully lobbied for it to be my turn. I pal around pretty heavily with a small group of other women in my office - we go out for drinks, we go to exercise classes together, text off hours, and we’re even talking about going on a little weekend trip together at the end of the summer. In short, we’ve become actual friends. One of those friends is the person responsible for travel arrangements in my office, and when she was booking for this conference, she noticed that prices were starting to get insane. So she approached me and asked - “no pressure” - if I would consider sharing a room with the other gal in our friend group who is also attending. I could have said no, but I felt like it might make the office less likely to keep sending us young’uns to the conference if the cost became too steep. So I agreed but was firm that this was a one-time thing and under no circumstances would I ever be cool sharing a room with someone outside our friend group (i.e., never with a boss or any other peer-level colleague that I’m not close with).

Now I’m starting to get ready for the conference and could use some input on all the things I should be thinking about related to room sharing. One obvious thing is that I probably shouldn’t plan to do the copious evening Netflixing that I tend to do to settle down when I’m at a hotel. It’s also on my mind that we should talk and set clear morning bathroom times, as we’ll both be trying to get out the door at the same time. And no morning procrastination for me - I’ll need to be on best behavior about sticking to the timeframes we set (boo! least favorite thing!).


But what else? What else should would you discuss to make room-sharing a smooth experience? Anything special that you suggest I pack for this purpose? (At the least, I’ll need some non-ratty pajamas, which may require a special Target trip.)

Thank you in advance! If you’ve ever been in this situation, feel free to share your story and wisdom too. :)

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