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This Powerful Video Shows Men What It's Like To Be Subjected To Sexism And Sexual Violence

Hey, I dunno if anyone has seen this or shared it yet, but I just watched it and it's amazing. It's emotional, and nerve-wracking to watch what is often a daily struggle for women be shown through a mirror like this. To see a world where the dynamic is the same, only the genders are swapped. Things that are subtle to me, things that I just push down and ignore when I can, and try no to think about are somehow much more magnified this way. It's chilling, really. And the end sums it up very perfectly. I just wanted to share this.

I hope everyone's night is going well, as well. I had a stressful day, a very bipolar day where my morning seems awesome and I was getting tons done, and my afternoon was horrid with customers yelling at me and nothing getting accomplished. On top of that I am either VERY premenstrual or pregnant (we are trying VERY HARD) and I seems to be one big floppy hormonal mess. Just thought I'd share, and over-share. Isn't that what Groupthink is for?


(Illustrated for your convenience is my floppy hormonal mess)

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