Meeting for dinner, I was there first. She arrives and rushes over to hug me and then sits down

Mac: *digging in her purse and pulls out a pill bottle * Want some Xanax? I get 60 a month

Me: Sure

I've never been prescribed Xanax. I take Effexor for my anxiety/depression; my brother takes Xanax.

I text my brother last night : Mac gave me a Xanax. What will will happen if I take it?

Bro: Dozing off in about 30 minutes

Me: Boring

So now I'm thinking about taking half right before I get to the airport for my flight to DISNEY WORLD on Thursday. It's not the flying that bothers me. It's the whole airport bullshit. But I don't want to be sleepy when I get to FL because we are going right to a park.