Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was joking with the husband, and then with some GT friends (Hey, y'all!) about a witty-if-inappropriate explanation for my lack of costume today.

Then I got to class where I have (apparently), no filter and an audience.. The kids were all, "Hey, Dr. Fluter, where's your costume?"

"I'm wearing it!"

"You look the same as you do every day!"

"Exactly. Today, Dr. Fluter is dressed as a tenure-track professor."

A few were puzzled, but a few know my deal. One kid who's not yet versed in the world of academics said, "What's the difference?"

AND I SWEAR I DID NOT PUT THE OTHER KID UP TO IT, but a second kid looked over at the first and said, "It's the same as all the other days, but she gets a salary and benefits."


Hey second kid:


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