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Sharing is Caring: A Warm Fuzzy from Last Week

Several of you on Team Dog have acknowledged that FluterDog is the best dog, and is one of the cutest - if not the cutest - dogbeast since basically ... ever.

FluterSibling also has a cute dog; he is a French bulldog/Boston terrier mix, is 18 months old, and basically goes full-throttle all. the. time. Since FluterDog couldn't do the holidays with us last year, last week was their first meeting.

Suffice it to say, they get along much better than their dog moms.


FluterDude has watched the original of this video approximately 37 times, and each time he says, "We really need to get another dog," while sighing deeply. (Sisterhood of the Lard Nar? Are you listening? PUPPY PICKING TIME!!!!)

Bonus Sharing is Caring:

At FluterMom's house, we sleep upstairs. It's kind of chilly, and FluterDog had just had a haircut. I woke up twice to FluterMom sneaking into the room to tuck the dog in. Because this is what we do now.

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