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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sharing is Caring: Asshole Edition

Frenemies: I had one.

We competed for scant resources in a small place, a long time ago. She was clearly my superior and always, always, always won out, so "frenemies" wasn't what I called it at the time - I called it being bettered by a friend. But then she was also the queen of passive-aggressive jabs, so part of the way through she became less of a friend and more of a person I tolerated to get through life.

Then, we moved on, went to new places. Things started to go ... differently. When she wasn't winning? It turned out she didn't even pretend to make nice.

There was some drama. Some ugly things were said. Someone was unfriended on Facebook.

Long story short, I've had this place-holder LinkedIn account for 5+ years and just got an email that I might know someone! Glancing over her activities and/or projects? Not impressed.

Long story short, I've spent the last two hours watching Breaking Bad and adding the contents of my now-somewhat-impressive (if I don't say so myself!) CV to LinkedIn so that when she gets the same email, her head will explode.

GT, I have a confession. Take it a way, RDJ:


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