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Welcome To The Bitchery

It's that time of year when concerned parents are starting to make concerned phone calls on behalf of their students.

It's interesting, because I'm an adjunct, so there's no phone in my office. (It's not even my office! I share with another individual. Neither of us have a university phone.) Imagine my surprise when, in an email, a parent informed me they had left multiple messages regarding their student which I had (rudely?) not returned.

At FluterDude's suggestion, I looked myself up in the college directory and lo! - it lists a phone number. Curious, I called it. The outgoing message belongs to one of our more delightful colleagues - she's a lady I don't know very well but have put into a headlock (repeatedly) because we attended the same self-defense course for women a few weeks back.

I shot her an email to explain any mystery voicemails.

My colleague, for the record, is a Korean-American with the most unapologetically MidWestern accent I have ever heard.


Thanks for your email! I haven’t received any messages. If I happen to catch one of the calls in person, I will do my strongest Korean accent and repeatedly ask them what they want to order from the menu and if they want delivery.


I got your back girl!

New Favorite Colleague

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