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I was going to save the big reveal for Fur Face Friday, but Wednesday seems to be packing a punch. Here’s the pick-me-up that I’ve been using, lately.


Meet BFD (Baby FluterDog.) Her personality is big enough that when she’s outgrown Baby FluterDog, she’ll still be happy to show you she’s a Big Fucking Deal.

She knows sit, down, potty, and come, and is happy to ignore them unless you have a treat or she’s feeling generous, because she’s an Airedale and that’s how they roll.

She’s sleeping through the night, whining to go out sometimes (but not all - gotta keep you on your toes!) loves to wrestle with FluterDog, and is determined to make Sh*tty K*tty play with her.

Good luck with that, BFD.

Happy Wednesday, guys.

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