Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi all! I was feeling stressed trying to do cardio and strength training at the gym when I only have 45 mins to work out (assuming I don’t oversleep at all!). So I searched for “leg workout” on youtube, thinking if I did some strength training in the evenings at home, it takes the self-imposed stress off the mornings. SUCCESS!

Anyhoodles, I’ve been enjoying the blogilates videos. I’ve done about 9 different videos, in various combos, over the last 2 weeks. Almost all of them require no equipment, just some space and a yoga mat for cushioning. Not really complex moves. I really like that I don’t strain my wrists. My stupid wrists got jacked up from the previous call center job, and if I have a heavy keyboard day at my (good!) current job, the action of having to grasp weights can cause some discomfort bordering on pain.


Will her arm and back workouts get the same results as kicking ass with the weights and machines at the gym? Nope. Am I still seeing results and is it better than not strength training at all? Yep. Also, the leg workouts are very good since you’ve got your body weight creating resistance. I just did one of the butt workouts and then had to walk down a flight of stairs and definitely had jelly legs.

Any other suggestions for videos? Please include an estimate of level of expertise/coordination involved.

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