EisenBolan left a comment about sharing rooms and I was talking about it with Boyrax, apparently we have massive differences on this.

I've never had my own room, unless you count the school year in which I lived alone in the shared room because I was a senior in high school and my older sister was a freshman in college. When I got to college, I lived with a roommate in a one-room dorm, then moved in with Boyrax. To me, sharing a room is the norm, and it's a gift to have your own room. But sharing a room isn't bad at all; it doesn't bother me in the least.

For Boyrax, he described sharing a room with someone as "miserable". At home, he's always had his own room, but he had to share with a weird-ass roommate for a year and a half in college, after that moving into a single and then an off-campus roommate situation so he had his own room. I read Eisen's comment to him and he didn't understand why it was crazy to me, and when I explained he said that he thinks having your own room is really important so it's not strange at all for them to demand their own rooms and veto houses due to that.

What say you, GT? Is this a common difference based on whether or not you've shared a room? How do you feel about sharing your space?