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I met a super cool dude at a New Years party. Started flirting with him at the party, dirty dancing ensued, followed by me asking a million questions (what do yo do? where are you from, etc) and then I went home with him. After my best friend told him she'd cut off his balls if he did anything to me (I was unaware of this at the time).

So, sexy times followed and damn it's been a while since I enjoyed sex this much. We stayed up until 5am talking about anything and nothing and then spent the next day in bed, mostly talking, sex in between, followed by more talking. Finally, we got out of bed around 1pm and went to grab lunch, walked around a little park and he dropped me off at my friends place and made sure to have my digits. I invited him to visit me before I move out of my current city. He's a little older than me..like 11/12 years..but I think I like him. Like actually like him.


Haven't heard from him since he dropped me off on Wednesday and I kinda wanna send a silly snapchat (he likes snapchat since it's more private than facebook/twitter/instagram). Or something...or should I play it cool and wait for him to contact me? I'm moving to his city in about a month so things are kind of in flux right now but I'd like to keep in contact.

Also, my roommate is being such a pain in the ass about the move. UGH, four more weeks.

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