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Github, which hosts code managed using the git version control system (track changes for code), may have a sexism problem. So, of course, half the valleywag comments are about how the accuser only does HTML/CSS. It's totally the "short skirt" of the tech community. So the accusations are standard and well known to any woman who's been in tech longer then 10 minutes. Julie Ann Horvath was an engineer at Github, and she says that it was a standard issue icky dudebro environment.

Horvath claims that she had "a really hard time getting used to the culture, the aggressive communication on pull requests and how little the men [she] worked with respected and valued [her] opinion."


And she also had to deal with people with serious boundary issues:

The wife of the founder asked Horvath out for drinks, which she agreed to. In her own words: "Of course I agreed seeing as she was my boss's wife and I'm always looking to meet women I can look up to."

Instead of it being a friendly meetup, the wife in question began to boast, stating that she "informs her husband's decision-making at GitHub." As Horvath holds, the wife said that Horvath "better not leave GitHub and write something bad about them," and that "she had been told by her husband that she should intervene with [Horvath's] relationship to be sure [Horvath] was 'made very happy.'"


There's also the obligatory dude, just walk past instead of being creepy:

Two women, one of whom I work with and adore, and a friend of hers were hula hooping to some music. I didn't have a problem with this. What I did have a problem with is the line of men sitting on one bench facing the hoopers and gawking at them.


source: techcrunch

So lets do a rundown of the problems with the peanut gallery complaints of her not being technical, her being a front-end dev, and her partner working at github:

  1. So what? Like it has absolutely zilch to do with her accusations.
  2. Being non-technical in the start-up world doesn't make someone an attention whore. At least half the start-up world has flakey technical chops 'cause the pay isn't good enough to attract droves of technical people. They go to Fortune 500s that offer things like benefits and a work-life balance.
  3. HTML/CSS doesn't mean not technical, it means having a different set of technical skills.
  4. Almost everyone in the startup world is dating someone in the startup world. Almost everyone else seems to be dating artists. If it's a demerit against Horvath, well again, can we apply it more broadly please?
  5. See #1. Like really, this has gotta stop.

So again, lets repeat until all the women in tech go blue in the face: tech has a sexism problem. Like I can pull up women with crazy tech cred who'll say the same thing, but I shouldn't have to 'cause again it really doesn't matter.


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