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SHE SAID NO!!!! and why thats a good thing.

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Before I sound like the Grinch that stole Christmas, I want to say, I do feel bad for the fellow, because of all the embarrassment and heartbreak that follows. Its the risk you take.

BUT, THIS has become a problem I think. Nothing wrong with proposing, and making it a big spectacle, but its really not fair. Unless you've talked about marriage before hand, and you have basically agreed on some type of "we should get married some day", you shouldnt really propose ALL OUT like this. Its not 'fair' to either party, but mostly not fair to the one being proposed to.


Bring proposed to, or more specifically, getting married is a BIG commitment, and you should be given some type time (days if not weeks) to decide. SURE you can always change your mind later, but you really should put thought before making the commitment to get engages in the first place. Getting married in this fashion puts a person into a HIGH PRESSURE SITUATION. Technically have the option of saying no, but people will buckle under the pressure and just say yes. Not because its the right answer, but in that situation, YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO BE SEEN AS THE VILLAIN!

^^^^Heres another wedding proposal that just disgust me.


SURE, we all want some memory about "The time he proposed to me", but really dont want to think of it like "The time I was pressured into saying YES"
YES, I get that a lot of people will find this romantic and love the idea, but there really should be a talk before you get to this point.

^^ This one I'm ok with.

^^ This one I'm not.

NOTE1: English was my worst subject. please TRY to excuse any grammatical or spelling mistakes
NOTE2: Just my opinion, love to hear others

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