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Welcome To The Bitchery

Megyn Kelly was not forced.

Anne Coulter was not forced.

Tomi Larren was not forced.

Phyllis Schafly was not forced.

These women and women like them were not forced to uphold and reinforce white supremacy.


White women are not pretty little princesses without thoughts in their heads, who succumbed to the ways of evil white men, who just need someone to save them.

No. Stop that shit right now.

These are women of sound mind, body, and intelligence who looked at the board and made a fucking choice. And then they made the choice again and again to serve themselves and serve a system where they get to wear the silver medal.  


Misstress Epps could have sent Pasty to a another plantation. She could have sold her. She could have made her husband sign her freedom papers while he was blind drunk.

Instead she made a choice to pick up a decanter and hurl it in her face. No one forced her.


The sooner y’all stop making excuses is the closer, you’ll get to that freedom you claim you want.

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