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Shelter Window Shopping

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As I posted yesterday, my sweet baby kitty died unexpectedly yesterday. I'm heartbroken, but MrManzana and I realize that we still have room in our hearts and in our home to rescue another kitten who needs us. The shelters in our area are overrun with kittens, so we think it's better to give one a home as soon as possible than to wait. Our little guy was never going to live very long, and the vet said it's shocking that he lasted as long as he did with the disease he was born with. We think that means we got him so that we could make his short life happy and loved, and then have room to rescue another abandoned animal who needs our love. So we are planning on visiting some shelters this week, and I have been "window shopping" on their adoption websites. (I'm filtering out any cat who looks like our sweet baby. I couldn't handle that.)

This morning I saw a page for a kitten who was found on a boat with his mom and 5 siblings. All the other cats were frozen to death except for him, and he was snuggled up with them to try to keep warm. A lot of the animals had similarly heartbreaking stories. I want to take them all, but I know that realistically we can only adopt one. I am the woman for whom those Sarah Mclachlan shelter commercials were made. We chose our cat because he was found in a cardboard box on the side of the highway where someone abandoned him


I'm not sure what the point of this post is, other than me processing my sadness. But if anyone is thinking about getting a cat in the new year, please go visit your local shelter. Despite their tragic origins, most of these cats are sweet and loveable, and desperately in need of a home where they can thrive on your attention and love.

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