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Sherlock and the Case of Cringe-Worthy Fan Disservice



I just got back from the dentist and don't have it in me to do a full write-up right now, so instead can we treat this like an open thread to discuss last night's episode.

Starting with:

What the fuck was all of that slashfic/fanfic/fan mockery? I get that this show has some insane fans, but surely making fun of them is just pointless and rude. Pointless because the only people in on the joke are people are more than likely to be big fans and that anyone not in on the joke has to be wondering what the hell was going on. And rude because, well, it seemed rude.

I liked the episode overall, but those moments took me out of it and annoyed me.

Another thing that took me out of it was having Benedict's actual parents playing Sherlock's parents while also having Martin Freeman's real partner play his fiancee. There's just a little too much meta fourth-wall destruction for me there.



One thing that confused me: during every possible "theory" run-through in last night's episode, Moriarty's body seemed to be missing from the roof. Like as in... everybody seemed to be finding a way to explain how Moriarty wasn't on the roof afterwards.


The Andrew Scott lover in me is hoping this means something.

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