I'm so glad so many of you are interested in watching Sherlock! Now comes the hard part: finding out when everyone is available to watch.

I've got another poll since that worked for gauging interest. ETA: Nightcheese says the poll might be glitchy-you have to click on the text not the boxes to get it to work. Also sorry about the ads.

I've got the week after next as possible dates but you all can write in whatever you like and we'll see which dates are most popular. You can choose more than one option in the poll.

I figure we'll watch one episode since each one is basically a movie at about an hour and a half. We can start from the beginning or we can decide which we want to watch the most and go ahead and do that. I'm very flexible :)


Also I figure since I'm the one furthest west, we'd start maybe 6pm PST and that way all you east coasters wouldn't have to stay up super late.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts, questions or comments!