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Sherlock-O-Thon Reminder Part Deux!

Groupthinkers, in case you missed it, I'm hosting a viewing party of Sherlock this Sunday!


Yes, it is Dr. Watson! We'll be watching A Study in Pink and chatting about it on ChatStep. I'll set up a room called Sherlock starting at 5:30pm PST and you can join any time with your nickname. ChatStep lets us put gifs in the chatroom, not just links to gifs, but actual gifs! I suspect a gif party will break out.

If there are any Sherlock noobs, LET US KNOW. Chatting about episodes beyond the first will be summarily banned to avoid spoilers.


Erudita Vanitas has reminded me to remind you all "to wear your very best Sherlock tribute attire, whether it be the navy scarf, a purple oxford, a lumpy John jumper, or just a white sheet! Or whatever else you fancy!" Thank you, Erudita, I'm sure there will be many white sheets.

I will be on set tomorrow, so there might not be another reminder until late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. I'll also post a link to the chat room within that one. I'm so excited!


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