This is Kenyon’s novel Acheron. Really good and focuses on the first 21 years of Acheron’s life in circa 9500 BC. His mother the Atlantis Goddess of Destruction sent her baby to the womb of a queen. Sadly Ash shared the womb. His mother’s husband wanted him dead based on a prophecy. Well his earth parents rejected him due to his silver eyes and when young his earth father sent him to live with Ash’s uncle who was a pimp.

Well he lived with the uncle and then moved back home. His earth sister wrote a diary about him until she married Apollo. He was heavily abused. Every 30 pages or so he was tortured. Artemis “befriended” him when he was 20 but really she liked his blood. Very rapey scenes.

Finally when his Goddess mother found out she was furious and killed her husband and all Atlantis gods. Except Ash who was dead by Apollo’s hands. Artemis resurrected him to save her.


It also delves into the birth of the Dark Hunters in which this novel is part of.

The last 300 pages of 800 is present day New Orleans. The diary is found and Ash wants it to stay hidden. He falls in love with the woman who found it. Artemis tortures him again. Artemis believes Ash is hers.


Its a really good novel. I read a few of the first couple Dark Hunter novels but this should be the first you read since it goes into the origin. Well maybe just the first 480 pages. Ash is the leader of the Dark Hunters and the God of Fate.

Solid 8/10. If child abuse and sexual abuse is triggering you may not want to read it. It does not shy away from descriptions. The author in her Author Notes does say she was a victim herself of childhood abuse and she discusses trust issues which is a huge part of the novel. Ash has trust issues.


Any fans of this series?