I am currently staying with my mother's friend. This woman is like an aunt to me. I've know her my whole life. She calls me niecey and she treats me like her own kin.

Part of the reason I'm staying here, aside from being welcomed in, is because my mother asked me to. Her friend, whom I call auntie, has a drinking problem, and she has apparently started up again. In fact, I suspect she's drunk right now. She left work early today because she'd been throwing up, but she also seemed in very bouncy spirits and remained that way until I left to have lunch with a friend. When I returned after two hours, everything had changed. She tried to let me in the house but couldn't manage the lock. She barely spoke to me. She seemed shocked to see me. All the bouncy energy was gone.

Now she is lying in bed and letting out these random shrieks. Nothing intelligible. Just shrieks.

After hearing some gagging a few minutes ago, I went back to her bedroom door to ask how she was feeling and if she needed anything. She sat straight up, gasped as if in horror, and said, "When did you get back?"

She doesn't even remember trying to let me in the door.

I'm not really sure how to handle this. It is, unfortunately, reminiscent of my father and his alcoholism. Towards the end of his life, he would lie in bed for days making weird cackling noises and talking to people who weren't there. I didn't know how to handle that, either.


I've talked to my mom several times today and she's spoken to another friend, as well. We're all concerned. I just worry that she's going to choke on some vomit back there and not be alert enough to know she needs to turn over. And maybe I won't hear her struggling. It's really like being back with my dad, and I feel helpless all over again.