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Shifting Careers

Thanks in advance for bearing with me while I hash out some thoughts and vent some frustration.

In light of the recent confirmation that my work is not going to reward my contributions to the firm in any substantial way, a partner calling my cell phone this past weekend despite my telling him beforehand that I was absolutely unavailable because I had family commitments, and my increasing dread every day before I head to the office (and Sunday nights, etc...), as well as my gut that tells me every day that this is the wrong work for me, I have decided that this is the year I transition out of law firm life.

I still have student loans. I have a home improvement loan and a credit card consolidation loan. I have a mortgage. So I am trying to do it responsibly so that my husband is not left shouldering this massive financial burden borne of some prior financial fuck-ups on my part (even though he is super supportive and basically tells me every day that I should just walk out and that we will be okay if I need to do that). If I work one more year, then I can knock out the home improvement loan, as well as the credit card debt. After that, I can take a substantial pay cut and we will still be financially solid.


However, given that the idea of working even one more minute here is almost physically painful, I need to have a plan that makes my remaining time here bearable.

Step 1: Figure out what the fuck I want to do with my life.

Step 1a: Acknowledge that I actually want to be a writer, start writing, but also figure out a transitional job that I can work until such point that writing is actually a viable career option.

Step 2: Identify less stressful careers that may utilize some of my skill sets.

Step 3: Identify which of those careers might be personally rewarding, help me build my writing skills, and/or provide decent enough work/life balance that I have more free time to actually spend writing.


Step 4: Profit! (Well, start figuring out ways to get paid via freelance writing and learn to pitch a literary agent once I have something to offer)

Anyone else trying to get out of a job that they hate? Anyone out there who has successfully made a big career transition? Suggestions or horror stories?

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