Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Shiny New Things!

It's a couple weeks to go to move out/move in day. The new place is a bit larger with a better layout. I had planned on buying a new couch for the new place and a few other small new things like curtains.

Due to a monetary windfall, I am buying not just a new couch, but a new couch, new chair, a couple other pieces of furniture as well as some art, bedding, and lighting! I am giddy!


Normally I save up and do not purchase things until I had the money to pay for it outright. "Bam, here's a bunch of money, go spend it on what you want" is a crazy thing. Still being responsible, I have allotted 15% of the overall amount to be spent, the rest is going to savings/retirement.

Pieces have begun to arrive, and I am having the hardest time not unwrapping them. Leaving them packaged will make it easier to move, so I am resisting the temptation. But still, shiny new things!

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