My older son turned 16 today (because I am old). He's a HUGE geek and asked for an insanely expensive custom-made hoodie he saw on Etsy. It's heavy fleece and has these epaulets and a hood with a face-piece that comes down and makes it look like a suit of armor. Like I said, geek boy. It was $198 dollars, which is crazy, but it's custom made and my son was just DYING for it, and my ex-husband and I decided to split the cost, since it's a special birthday. The person who makes them is in South Korea. Shipping was $39. We got it about 4 weeks after we ordered it.

So, ex-husband and I gave it to him last night and you can all probably guess by now that it's a little too small. I mean, it FITS, but just barely, and my son wants to be able to wear it as his outer layer, so it needs to be roomier as well as longer to accommodate another layer under it, and because my son is already 6'1" and still growing and it just barely came to the waistband of his pants. Ex and I decide it's worth the cost of return shipping to exchange it for a roomier, longer version that son will wear for at least a couple of years, given the cost of the item.

However, apparently shipping from the U.S. to Korea is a lot more expensive than from Korea to the U.S. As in $166 for Fed Ex, and $160 for DSL. I just about dropped dead in the shipping place. If we went USPS we could get it for about $90 but we wouldn't get a tracking number, and we REALLY don't want to send it without one.

What the hell, you guys? $166 is almost as much as the damn hoodie!! If I was 100% sure I could sell it on ebay I'd just order a new one, but what if I can't? I don't know what to do. Plus I'm kicking myself that I didn't size up in the first place. I feel like a dumbass.