Mr GV isn't in school this term because he found out he finished his AA too late in the term to register for the school he's transferring to. This means I'm supporting us 100% until early April.

Except I'm not. We're only eeeking by because I know how to juggle the bills. At some point, though, everyone wants everything owed them. We aren't there, but it's looming - the financial event horizon. He borrowed money from his mom tonight against our tax returns. Borrowing money from mom when you're over 40 feels really good. Wait, no, it doesn't.

He starts training for a shitty call center job tomorrow (it would have been nice if he had jumped on the job when it became clear he wouldn't be able to take classes this term, but I suppose that's moot now). It runs from 3:30pm-midnight. M-F. For SEVEN WEEKS. Monday-Thursday I won't make eye contact with him, unless I can get down to see him on his lunch. Fridays I'll be ready for bed when he gets home.

I don't mind having time to myself and I'll probably get to bed earlier, but I'll miss him a lot. I am SOOOO not looking forward to this! I don't want to just get through the next couple of months. I've accepted that upheaval and change are the only constants in life and I have been trying to keep my life buoyant despite their diddling around in my world.


This is a lot easier to do when he's around.