Hi. It is sad that the man who set Bader Ginsburg's dissent to music has already impregnated me with his soulful eyes because in a just world I would be married to you until the end of time, have many of your bear-like progeny and wage battle against the Rob Ford(s) of the world with fierce shirtlessness (link) and the awesome power of our words.

Update: The fact that you're a teacher is making my heart grow three sizes too large right now. Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Killoran. You really are the Prince Oberyn of Toronto. [H/T Global News and CBC News Toronto.]

Joe. My. God. has a bit more background on Canada's new national hero. Mr. Killoran has also suffered an interview with the National Post in which he clarifies his shirtlessness ("I'm a pretty hot, sweaty guy unfortunately.") and articulates why he confronted Mr. Ford on the street ("He purports to speak for all these people and then he won't answer anybody's questions.")