Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Shirts for ladies with monkey arms and small bosoms.

Hi, I’m eutie, and I’ve have monkey arms and an undersized rib cage and bosoms. Because of this, long-sleeved shirts are hard for me to come by. I’m the queen of rolling things up to my elbows because it’s not as though the sleeves started anywhere near my wrists anyways. I can’t just go up in sizes, either, because I don’t have any boobs to put into the larger sizes.


Fellow monkey-armed freaks, are there magical long-sleeved shirts out there somewhere that perhaps have super long sleeves that can be hemmed as necessary so us monkey-people can finally know the joy that is having your wrists covered by fabric?

Pictured: A for-real gif of me right this very moment.

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