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Shit at the Grocery Store Line

I visited my folks today and decided to go to Shaw's near their house to pick up some some for a food drive as they had sale prices on pasta, sauce, things in cans, and a few toiletries.

And, being the Shaw's near my parents, there are about 20 people with full carts and only 3 lanes are open (one of which was an express with like 2 people). So I settle in for the wait (not gonna lie, usually it's faster if I put my stuff back and go to the store about a mile away) since I had nothing better to do.

And then it happens! A SHORTER LINE! A guy buying bags upon bags of ice and tea, a mother with a baby and a few cans of formula, and then ME!


I thought it'd go faster, but the lady has to use WIC vouchers, so whatever, I grab a magazine and kill some brain cells.

The guy behind me is getting more and more frustrated. I'm a teacher, and I know the sounds of shit's-about-to-go-down. And nosey ass mofo that I am, I turn to see what's gotten him so agitated.

Not so subtly (I was tired), I turn to look and he (wearing a suit) makes eye contact with me, frowns and goes, "Don't you fucking hate welfare cases? If our money's paying for their babies to eat, they can at least hurry the hell up in line."

The people next to him look shocked—eyes wide—but everyone looks away.

In my best teacher voice (perhaps channeling the repressed annoyance of 7th period), I tell him "If my money's paying for her baby to eat, I'd rather she make sure she gets the right brands and the baby actually, you know, gets fed."


He looked surprised and hurt (like, hey lady, I thought you were on my side) but my hands still itched to slap him.

I wanted to buy the lady something, but she looked so mortified that I instead bought those donations for food banks.


I think the jackass behind was surprised I didn't agree. The Shaw's is the supermarket that lower income people in our town use and I think he thought that because I was dressed in work clothes and look white, I had more in common with him than the lady in front of us and therefore would agree.

I always find it so infuriating that people cop attitudes about people using EBT or WIC or whatever. Seriously, do they think the person using benefits is thrilled to do that? Having people stare and snicker, cashiers that usually look annoyed, and the just the feeling that things are that tough.


So, fuck that dude, fuck people like him.

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