I need to get my act in gear. I spent the last 14 hours watching Game of Thrones commentary and special features. I have the house to myself until Monday afternoon, so I want to actually do something. I'm hoping that by making and posting this list, I will hold myself accountable. Most of my belongings are in storage bins in the basement, hence the first three items on the list.

  1. Find and sort make-up
  2. Find and sort jewellery
  3. Begin to sort clothing into will wear, charity shop and sell piles
  4. When watching AppleTV or BluRays, do it on the bike instead of the recliner so I can get some physical activity
  5. Walk outside (maybe)
  6. Paint nails or shave legs
  7. Choose heels for CSAs and practice wearing them
  8. Get friends to commit to attending CSAs
  9. Bake something
  10. Find hair ties or produce $ for haircut