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Damn, shit goes on sale fast.

I used to follow fashion so voraciously but in the last few years...I just don't have the attention span. This year has been THE LONGEST FUCKING YEAR TO EVER HAVE YEARED. I was just paging through the J Crew sale items, and all the collection stuff that I saw at fashion week in February is already marked down.

I guess maybe that's normal, but J Crew is kind of a weird in-between showing as it's not luxury/designer. They are downright mass when compared to what people normally associate with "high" fashion.


Anyhow, between working and studying up on SPRING 2000-fucking-15 for work and realizing that I don't even know what is cool right now in Fall 2013, my brain starts to melt.

I loved this J Crew showing, though. And I was smitten with this model. And her cool jacket (yours for $1200! I guess not everything is on sale after all). I have a fond memory of standing near a woman who I can only assume was head of women's design/women's collection, and she had some friends and family and they were just majorly excited for her—"it's your baby!"—it tickled me, and I wondered if it was the first collection she headed up. It was one of those collections that I love from a design perspective (the patterns and colors....to die) but would never really actually wear, you know? I also saw Jenna Lyons and Mickey Drexler and literally almost peed my pants.

Also, what is cool right now? Help me.

Also, I totally wear my coats/jackets over my shoulders like that and when I do my son asks me if I am a dragon. I have no idea why.

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