Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I love you all.

I'm drunk, shush up. But seriously, thank you for letting me have this amazing community that makes me feel safe, respected, and loved. I haven't had a digital community that makes me feel this wonderful since I was a young teenager and on Gaia Online (when it was just a forum community, if anyone knows what I'm talking about).

Seriously, you guys rule. I hope if anyone is having a tough day that they read this and feel better about themselves. Seriously, you reading this, you're the best. Thanks for being such a BAMF.


Love, drunken love,

Fishnets. <3

P.S. I'm way too shy to propose this sober, but I get the idea that a lot of us live in NYC. Would anyone be interested in an IRL GroupThink hangout?

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