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Shit I am grateful for

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This was a hard month. I've been down in the dumps, a bit, because so many things went awry. My daughter's start to Kindergarten was delayed. It took three trips to the DMV to get my car troubles sorted. My husband switched hours at his work. We had our first trip in forever, and he was sick during it. Work exploded.


But you know what? There was good stuff, too, and now that the month is coming to an end, I'm forcing myself to remember it.

  • The girl actually seems to be warming up to school. She's making friends. She enjoys her classes. She likes getting on the bus.
  • My efforts at work were appreciated. My co-workers keep saying thank you.
  • My husband didn't get all PA when he had to take off work so I could get my car sorted. He just did it with a smile.
  • The boy started seventh grade with nary a hiccup.
  • My nails glow in the dark.

What are all of you grateful for?

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