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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Shit I saw at the grocery store that pissed me off.

On my way in:

  • A woman unload her groceries and then just leave the cart. BITCH PUT IT IN THE CART RETURN YOU WERE PARKED TWO SPACES DOWN FROM IT.
  • A dirty diaper on the asphalt.

Once inside:

  • Cans put on the shelf upside down.
  • My brand and flavor of hummus sold out.

BUT! None of that compares to the absolute worst thing! My husband and I turn down the soup/canned goods/spice aisle and see an older white dude wearing a t-shirt that says "RACE MATTERS" on the front. We both gave each other a quick WTF? look. We quickly pass the older man and look back. The back of his t-shirt went on and on about a ton of white supremacist stuff!! I have never actually seen someone wearing something that terrible in public- I've seen shitty rebel flag shirts, but nothing that literally spelled it out and that some idiot couldn't use some BS about heritage and south and whatnot to try and explain it. It was horrifying. We just stood there, in shock for a moment and said something loud about it while walking off... quickly


We both semi-wanted to confront him but were afraid of how he would react. In my opinion it would have gone one of two ways, (1)he would have been super excited about having the opportunity to argue with us and to tell us how we are wrong and brain washed or (2)he would have freaked the fuck out. I know that when you see something wrong you should point it out, I've been to many workshops that have stated this, but I just didn't know what to do and frankly was kind of scared of the man.

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