I haven't been around these parts lately because I work in retail and it's the holidays and I had finals, so I haven't had time to even breathe. Also, the mister and I have been fighting a lot because I don't know? He claims to love Christmas, but there is some sort of bug up his butt because he is being fooouuuuuulllll.

Last Monday we decorated the tree that his grandmother gave us (who is a very very very kind and nice lady who he refuses to see unless he needs something) and got into a fight at Walmart (of course) while we were buying an extra set of lights. He was badmouthing my parents and being a shithead because I didn't know yet whether or not I was needed to give one of the kids a ride to the doctor the next day (I'm such a terrible person! Caring for my little sibs well being!). I told him that I would let him know the second I knew whether or not I needed to go, but he wouldn't quit badgering me. He was trying to steal my phone to call my parents so that he could bitch them out or something? I don't know. Anyway, we got into this huge fight and then he said that I had ruined Christmas. Kay then.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same. We've pretty much fought for a week now. So far I have ruined Christmas, and he also told me that I stress him out and that's what caused his gallbladder issues. Then I made the unholy mistake of wrapping presents for the kids and putting both of our names on them.

Then last night we were out with some friends who moved out of town. He got drunk and was being embarrassing and at one point insisted that we were going to have kids soon (not true) and that we were going to have ten (super not true).

He's going out of town this weekend to visit a friend in Philly who recently started an inpatient program for an eating disorder (yay!) and I hate to say it, but I am excited to have a weekend to myself without his face in it. There will be peace and quiet and a sleepover/girls night with my best friend. And hopefully once he gets back I won't feel so hateful towards him.