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Shit Students say

Student comes in just as class is starting, about 2 minutes before. They are not enrolled in my class. They go to pains to explain to me that they need to be in this class because the chair explained to them "they need to be here." I explain, they aren't enrolled because they failed the pre-requisite, meaning they probably won't get enrolled. They insist the chair told them they could and that they NEED TO BE HERE. They stress over and over that the chair told them to be here. I tell them, fine they can stay and get notes from the previous lectures from a colleague, but they need to talk to admin about actually getting enrolled.

Student: "Do you mind if I skip today. You are gonna hate me, and hold this against me. But I have something really important to do."

Me: "excuse me?"

Student: "well I'll stay for the first hour, but I really can't be here, I have something important to do."


Me: "Are you telling me that you begged to be here, went on about how you NEED to be here, and now you have better things to do."

Student: "You are gonna hold this against me aren't you?"

Me: "It's your life do what ever you want."

PROTIP—- If you cannot actually attend the class, do not come in and ask to be in the class.

ETA: They did not stay for the class.

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