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Shitstain George Will Writes Nauseating Response to Senators' Letter

So the troglodyte George Will is doubling down on his oh-so-legitimate op-ed piece that was published in the WaPo last Sunday in a letter responding to a firm rebuke penned by Senators Feinstein, Blumenthal, Baldwin, and Casey. In it, he says he's "puzzled" as to why the good Senators and the public took issue with his piece, as he simply used the Obama Administration's own statistics and performed a little good old 'rithmetic ... He seems unable to grasp that you can't reliably use a statistic that guesses at reporting rates to repudiate another statistic.

He goes on to insist that he, in fact, cares much more about sexual assault than anyone, like the Senators, working on the issue in an actual meaningful way. He's worried about diluting what sexual assault means. He's worried about RAPE RAPE getting confused with any of that other bullshit acquaintance rape or grey rape, where the women or men who are victims of this violence must hold equal accountability; after all, isn't that what we, and feminists in particular, have been working toward for so long?

Meanwhile, he fails to address in any meaningful way his disgusting implications that survivors of sexual assault are in it for the attention and some sort of privileged status. Not that I expected him to apologize, but I would have been happy with just the smallest nod or acknowledgement that he had paused to listen to what any survivors or survivor advocates had to say. The arrogance and complete lack of human empathy is astounding. I hope he dies alone and miserable.

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