My friend's son was picked up for school by a bus driver wearing a giant confederate flag t-shirt. For real.

Not that it would be any better otherwise, but her neighborhood and school district are largely PoC and school has been in for a few weeks, so this isn't a surprise for the driver. The kids at their particular stop are Latino/a and Black. That is some willful ignorance right there.

I'm really glad to have this community that lets me learn things I wouldn't even know to look for on my own, but it's not a freakin' secret about what the Civil War was all about. Those people must put on blinders and ear plugs every morning if they think it's anything else.

My friend has reported it and the person she spoke to said it will be dealt with as a citizen complaint so that there's nothing identifying her or her family.

This post is pretty unproductive, I just wanted to vent. Bleh.

ETA: News! She was far from the only one to make a complaint and the driver has been suspended!