I usually don't have problems with the gym members but today was just ridiculous.

First off, there's this lady. For whatever reason, my boss gave her a free month membership. I do not know nor care why. And she is absolutely insufferable. Last week she came in and was complaining about the TVs (90% of complaints in my gym are about the TVs. I don't know why, they're perfectly fine). She was like "can you put the channel that's on that TV on this one?" and points in some vague direction.

There's 6 TVs. They're numbered, and all of them have numbers on them for this exact reason. So like 5 times I asked her "which TV? What number?" and she just kept pointing. Eventually I figured it out. Today she came in and...*sigh.

So the way the gym is set up is there's the main gym and the weight room, separated by a wall. My desk is right next to the wall in the main area and there's a window in the wall to see into the weight room. She sticks her head in the window and is like "hey!" So I turn to her and ask "hi, what's up?" She doesn't answer. Instead she leans through the window and starts playing with shit on the desk. On the desk there's a photo of some kid that was causing problems once (so we know to look out for him) and she starts asking me who he is. I say I don't know, what can I help you with? Then she starts digging through the box of ice packs. Again, what can I help you with? Turns out one of the weight machines had too much weight on it and she wanted me to remove it. It took about 15 minutes for her to tell me this.

Then another dude comes in and is like "hey I need to renew my membership, can I work out first though?" Sure, no problem. He comes up after his workout, I fill out all the paperwork, and he goes "give me one minute, I have to get my credit card. I'll be right back."

Never comes back.

Then another guy comes in, I ask for his name and he mumbles it while walking past me. I misheard him and typed in the wrong name, so when I ask if he is [first name] he started yelling at me. Dude, listen. It's 8:15. We close at 9. I have house music blasting in my ear, I am exhausted and I am deaf. Just give me your name. Eventually he did, after yelling at me about it, and I ended up having to ask him to leave cuz even though we were closing he was still getting his work out on.


*Sigh. I just want to sleep.

Edit - I forgot about the stairmaster. That thing will be the death of me.

This thing is always broken. ALWAYS. So a member (a regular) comes up to me.

Member: Uh, heyyyyy Fluffs!

Me: What. What is it.

Member: Uh, well...

Me: Tell me. WHAT.

Member: The stairmaster...


Member: I'm sorry!

Me: What the fuck is wrong with it now?!

Member: It's jamming again.


Member: Please don't kill me...